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5 Audiences You Can Reach With Drawstring Backpacks
April 04, 2012

When deciding what type of promotional product to use in your campaign, it’s important to think about what your recipients will get the most use out of.  For many companies and organizations, drawstring backpacks are a good choice.  They are effective at building a brand because backpacks are carried everywhere and they offer a plainly visible location for your logo to be displayed.  If your audience would use a backpack, including them in your promotion would be a great way to get repeat exposure.      

Who exactly uses drawstring backpacks?  Here are five different demographic groups that can benefit from your backpack promotion.

1. Outdoorsmen

This group regularly uses backpacks for a convenient hands-free way to carry gear.  Every hiker needs a backpack while on the trail and most campers and outdoorsmen usually always have one nearby.  If your target audience spends leisure time outdoors, logo imprinted drawstring backpacks could assist in gaining more cliental within that same audience. 

2. Athletes

If you are looking to advertise your brand to athletes, ballgame attendees or fitness fans, having backpacks with your logo imprinted could help you reach these people.  Athletes’ value backpacks because they can use them to carry gear and equipment around.  Spectators and fans will utilize the backpack to carry snacks and drinks to bring to the games. 

3. Students

It is obvious that students of all ages rely on backpacks to carry books, lunches and other items.  If your audience includes a younger crowd, drawstring backpacks make for an excellent way to gain exposure to that market.  Whether used as a back to school promotional giveaway or as a free gift for the limited funded college students who love to receive anything free, drawstring backpacks make a good avenue to reach students. 

4. Beachgoers

Drawstring backpacks are extremely popular at the beach.  These lightweight bags can also be included in an example package promotional deal, including a beach towel that can be imprinted, logo sunscreen and a branded water bottle.  If you know avid beachgoers, a package deal like this could be extremely beneficial. 

5. Commuters

If you glance around town or anywhere with public transportation, you’ll see a majority of commuters wearing backpacks.  This target audience tends to be dependant on bags to carry all their daily necessities.  Imprinted drawstring backpacks are a great way to target several audiences at once, especially during rush hour. 

Analyzing demographic groups is a good way to begin coordinating your promotional campaign.  It’s important to think about whom you are trying to reach and what product would place your brand in front of potential customers. 

It has been our pleasure to work with RSN Promotionals on a number of products ranging from large quantities to small. I was impressed with the professionalism of their staff, the quality of the design and the speed with which the projects were completed.
- Jessica Ching
Special Projects Manager, Child Evangelism Fellowship International