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5 Corporate Gift Ideas
April 08, 2012

Promotional products can be used to highlight your company’s best qualities and services.  Selecting a corporate gift is about more than printing a name on a giveaway item.  It’s important to carefully pick out something that fits your company image and demonstrates your company’s uniqueness.  Corporate gifts are an extension of your company and you want your gift to represent you in a positive light.  Here are five corporate gifts that continue to win clients and employees over every year.

Desk Organizer

The majority of people don’t like to admit that they need help organizing clutter that accumulates on their desk.  From scattered pens and paperclips to strewn post-it notes and staples, desktop organizers offer an all-in-one solution.  By subtly imprinting your desk organizer, it becomes a desktop advertisement that will receive countless exposure.  The desk organizer is such a practical gift; it’s hard for the recipients to ignore it or your logo.

Custom Briefcase

Promotional briefcases have a more professional look than an average backpack or drawstring bag.  Whether your recipients are regularly traveling or constantly carrying their laptops between home and the office, employees and clients value the usefulness of briefcases.  People are hesitant to get rid of briefcases because they can always use another professional bag for work.  Whenever they use the briefcase with your brand, your company name and logo gets exposure in an ideal business setting.

Sweatshirt Blanket

Normally used to keep warm while lounging around the house, comfy custom-embroidered blankets offer a unique way of advertising in your clients’ and employees’ homes.  They are easy to carry around the house, so your company name won’t experience a shortage of exposure.  Most companies focus on competing for their clients’ attention while they’re at the office but forget they have less competition in their homes.  Gifting these all-purpose blankets to your employees and clients gives your company a good chance of getting exposure, even after they leave the office. 

Unique Travel Accessories

Promotional travel accessories help recipients save money when their preparing and packing for a business trip or a weekend getaway.  People can always use the accessories, like a branded mini luggage scale or a custom luggage tag.  Imprinted travel accessories not only get your company name exposed all over the world but they also give your recipients a personal reminder of your company everyday they are away.

Wine Set

Wine gift sets make an ideal present because they offer a variety of items in an inventive package, giving even your most unique customers something they will enjoy.  These sets have a high perceived value based on their elegant presentation and classy essence.  It’s well known that people will enjoy a nice bottle of wine in their home or at a gathering, and by gifting a wine set you get your company some extra recognition out of the office and whenever they use it.  The customization options and versatility of wine sets gives your company the chance to include some originality by mixing and matching to create a truly special gift.

These are just a few reliable corporate gift ideas that have been popular and successful in the past.  There are many more gift ideas and we are here to assist you in selecting the perfect one.

It has been our pleasure to work with RSN Promotionals on a number of products ranging from large quantities to small. I was impressed with the professionalism of their staff, the quality of the design and the speed with which the projects were completed.
- Jessica Ching
Special Projects Manager, Child Evangelism Fellowship International