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6 Ways to Put Promotional Note Pads to Work for You!
April 12, 2012

The promotional note pad is an extremely popular and versatile promotional item.  They are useful to any client or company despite the industry.  Note pads are generally used in offices to raise awareness among employees, while providing workers with a handy tool they can use to take notes.

It won’t take long to find a use for promotional note pads in your marketing campaign.  Just in case, here’s a few ideas to get your brainstorming off on the right foot. 

1. Tradeshow gifts

Branded note pads make excellent tradeshow gifts.  Giving guests a promotional note pad will allow them to jot down contacts they meet or notes for future thought.  Then all the useful information from their experience at the tradeshow is gathered in a convenient note pad, complete with your company’s name and logo. 

2.  Employee’s daily use

If your employees are regularly taking notes, it would be beneficial to provide them with a promotional note pad.  Imprinted note pads will internally promote your company, leading to employee satisfaction.  Your staff will no longer have to search for scraps of paper or waste printer paper.  Instead, they will have a note pad within close reach.

3. Gift with Purchase

You can get your name and company info out to the public by providing a free promotional note pad as a gift with purchase.  Not only will you spread the word about your services, you will raise customer satisfaction.  The handy pads will be used daily by your clients, gaining repeated publicity.  And of course your contact information will be at close reach, for when they are ready to do business again.    

4.  Promo Package

Promotional note pads are the perfect addition to any promotional package.  When paired with branded pens, it really ties the package together and becomes a helpful tool that will get a lot of use.  It’s important to provide clients with a promo package that contains things they will actually use.  Promotional note pads are inexpensive and can be used to strengthen the impact of any promotional product campaign. 

5.  New Hire Kits

Providing new employees with a promotional gift package on their first day is an excellent way to welcome them to your company.  As a part of the package, you can include imprinted items, such as a note pad, that will assist them with their daily tasks.  You will raise your employee’s drive and show your commitment to their happiness.

6.  Conferences and Lectures

Most attendees will want to take notes during conferences and lectures.  Instead of them bringing their own supplies, make their day easier by providing them their own promotional note pad.   It can include the conference name, logo and dates.  People will be able to jot down all the things they learn and be able to look back on them down the road.  It will even be a reminder to attend the conference next year. 

These are just a few of the many uses for the different kinds of note pads.  The sheer versatility of promotional note pads gives this product a large amount of potential.  Any company should be able to find a way to incorporate this popular item into their next promotional product campaign. 

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- Jeff Cohen
Director of Tennis, Heathrow Country Club