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How to Build Your Brand in Customers Offices: Top 5 Office Promotional Products
July 05, 2012
The United States Bureau of Labor published that the average employee spends between 7.7 and 8.3 hours working each day. If you take into account overtime, your customer could be at their office for more than 2,000 hours a year. That is a vital opportunity to get your company name in front of the people that utilize your business. There are many ways to get your business’ name in existing and potential clients’ work space, but the most important piece of any successful promotion, is choosing a product that gets a lot of use around the office and will constantly remind them of your company. These are the five best office promotional items to get your company name recognized by your clients and their fellow co-workers and show that you care about making their jobs run smoothly.
1.      Memo Cubs: Whether they’re used for writing office memos, taking down notes, or jotting down a reminder, memo cutes are highly useful products that recipients will always reach for on their desk. Gifting your customers with a promotional memo cube will allow them to see your company name every day, and it will give your company an even greater exposure rate, when those notes are passed around the office.
2.     Pens: Despite the variety of promotional products out there, pens provide the perfect way to improve brand recognition for your company. Pens still remain an essential part of every day, despite the growing dependence on computers; everyone can always use an extra pen. There’s such a wide selection of pen styles and functions, so every company can find a pen that reflects their identity as a business and helps get their name in their clients’ hands. 
3.     Desk Organizers: People are too often overwhelmed with clutter on their desks that they’ve tried to consolidate but have had little or no luck. No promotional products better expresses your company’s commitment to efficiency and organization better than branded desk organizers. Your customers will appreciate the additional help they’ll receive from your logoed desk organizers, custom penholders, promotional desk holders, and logo desk clock caddy. It’ll give your brand more face time at the place your clients make some of their most important business decisions.
4.     Calendars: Promotional calendars give your company the best chance to earn instant year-long recognition in your customers’ offices. Your branded calendar will become a dependable reference point 365 days a year. Every time they need to sign a contract or date a letter, your calendar will be the first thing they look at in the office. Calendars have a wide range of customization options as well, so your company has a chance to create and express a meaningful message that reminds customers of the products and services your company provides. 
5.     Mugs and Drinkware: Imprinted mugs are highly functional promotional products that get multiple uses every day as people alternate taking sips of their favorite beverage and working. Not only are mugs practical office products that get your company name a lot of exposure at the office, but they also make a great portable advertising tool that brings attention to your brand by commuters who aren’t necessarily part of your target audience. 
RSN Promotionals is the fastest and most reliable company I have worked with in my 30 years of tennis. They have great designs, deliver a quality product and delivery is always on time. A family owned business; they make you feel part of the family with their personal attention to each other.
- Ken DeHart
Director of Tennis, San Jose Swim & Racquet Club