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How to Increase your Return on Investment using Promotional Items
August 01, 2012

Almost all businesses, especially small and medium sized companies on a budget, always need new and fresh ideas about how to get a greater return on investment (ROI).  ROI is extremely important to small and medium sized business owners, because an increase in ROI means an increased profit margin.  One of the most popular ways to get ROI out of a marketing campaign is a promotional item(s). 

The definition of a promotional item is: a low cost product that is able to be distributed in large quantities to customers and potential customers.  Promotional items allow a business owner to not only distribute a large volume of products but also to create a buzz at promotional events and bring in paying customers.  In order for a promotional item to be great, it needs to include these:

  1. Making sure the product coincides with your business
  2. Making sure the product corresponds to the event
  3. Displaying company information so that its easily visible on the product
  4. Giving the customer an item with an immediate and long-term value
  5. Buying in bulk and spending as little as possible for a quality promotional item

The best time to give away promotional items is at promotional events where the business owner can have some control over the flow of traffic and who receives an item.  For example, it would be more beneficial to hold a holiday celebration, complete with invitations, for your opt in email list of former and current customers or people who have visited your website rather than hand out promotional items on the street.  It’s best if the promo item is small, but used frequently, and connected to your business.  A toothpaste company handing out toothbrushes would make sense and provide a good ROI as opposed to a pen company handing out toothbrushes, where there is no connection between the toothbrush and pen. 

 Be sure to pick a promotional item that is complimentary to the product or service that your company provides.  Finally, to maximize your return on investment with promotional items, make sure that your promotional item has a lasting value- something that your customer can use for a long time.   

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